Unique Octopus Shower Curtain for the Minimalist Bathroom

Energizing Shower Curtain Designs in Four Different Types and Models

Allurement from a bathroom is not only lie on interior design but also how far shower curtain and bathtub display affect the bathrooms performance. No, we are not going to talk about bathroom display. Say the least, we are more interested in shower curtains. So, what we will talk about? Design, model and the magnetism of curtain itself that will be the topic. Same with other curtains, shower curtain also […]

Interesting Orange Modern Accent Chairs near Rounded Glass Table

Wonderful Accent Chair to Give Colorful Touch to Your Home Interior

If you need something to give a deeper appearance into your interior design, you can try to use the accent chair. Yes, just like the other interior furniture that use the word ‘accent’ in their name (accent pillow, accent wall etc), the accent settee is an accessories of your room interior with subtle color, pattern, or anything that make it looks conspicuous in the middle of the room. It is […]

Beautiful Pink Quilt on the White Bed near White Drawer

Unique Fuchsia Interior as Appealing Accent in Your Home Interior

When you need some new experience for your interior decoration, try the fuchsia interior. Yes, we always love this shade of purple, especially for the beautiful vivid appearance that being evoked by this amazing color. Well, the fuchsia paint is very strong and using it in a large amount may not be a wise option. However, if you’re doing it right, you can have a very nice appearance for your […]

Fabulous Angel Food Cupcakes on the Pink Plate

Creative Summer Party Ideas to Make It More Fantastic to Celebrate

If you need some summer party ideas to celebrate this season, we have some nice ideas for you. Yes, everyone loves summer, especially after the long freezing time in the winter and spring. Summer is the age of joy; fun and holiday, where everyone gets out for a while and enjoys the amazing nature out there. It is a season that always worth to celebrate, and here are some beautiful […]

Fantastic DIY French Typography Lampshade Shadow on Simple Table

Beautiful Silhouette Decor to Give an Extraordinary Accent to Home

When your home feels too empty and you need to use something unique to decorate it, you need to try the silhouette decor! Yes, shadow is something that really unique and full of mysteries. We know that it always appear after light, and sometime it becomes something that we don’t like to see in our home decor. However, if you can use it right, the shadow can be a very […]

Awesome Painting in the Eclectic Rustic Bedroom with Unique Fireplace

Gorgeous Country Interior Design that Will Make You Feel Homey Forever

Greetings for the country interior design! We always love the beauty of the rustic feeling from the country style, something that always makes us feel homey in our own home. The country style has been evolved from the old and simple living in the cowboy’s age into the modern age, where everything has been maximized to bring cozy inside the home. Most designer nowadays tries to blend the modern style […]

Colorful Dining Chair around White Table on Wooden Floor

Gorgeous Self-sustaining Home from Romania with Sustainable Technology

The Soleta ZeroEnergy one is amazing concept of self-sustaining home in Nucharest, Romania. Surrounded by beautiful lush green area where it stands, this home shows a beautiful harmony between nature and humanity. Not only from the open plan design that blended beautifully inside this home, but also from the sophisticated sustainable energy that makes this home does need any support from the outside world. Because of this, there is no […]